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Created 18,000 years ago when the glaciers melted, Lake Annecy stands at an altitude of 447m in the south of the Haute-Savoie department of France. Having been preserved and protected for over 40 years, it is now one of the cleanest lakes in the world, supplying pure water suitable for bathing and drinking. It is home to a very rich flora and fauna (birds and fish, etc.). il y a 18 000 ans des fontes glaciaires, le lac se situe à 447 m d’altitude, au sud du département de la Haute-Savoie. Préservé et protégé depuis plus de 40 ans, le lac d’Annecy est aujourd’hui l’un des lacs les plus propres au monde, délivrant une eau pure de qualité propice à la baignade et à la consommation de table. Il abrite une faune (oiseaux, poissons…) et une flore très riche.
Veyrier du Lac Talloires
Lake Annecy is an attractive tourist destination which is renowned for its many water sports such as fishing, rowing, windsurfing, diving, waterskiing, sailing and bathing, etc.  A multitude of cycle paths mean that cycling is very popular, and the mountain environment delights climbing enthusiasts. All of these activities can be enjoyed in the lakeside towns and villages surrounding Lake Annecy. The lake lies at the centre of an area which is divided into three essential destinations: Annecy and its suburbs, the western shore and the eastern shore. This highly contrasting environment can be discovered by visiting some of the many villages and the town of Annecy, which has a diverse heritage and an international reputation. 
The Eastern shore of Lake Annecy, “the sunny shore” In this part of the region you can visit three really charming villages, namely Veyrier du Lac, Menthon Saint Bernard and Talloires. Veyrier du Lac - this ancient village which backs onto the slopes of Mont Veyrier (1293m), overlooks the lake and enjoys the best of the sunshine. Not to be missed is a climb along marked paths to the summit of Mont Veyrier to discover a unique panorama of the Alps and Mont Blanc. Menthon-Saint-Bernard - to the south of Mont Veyrier, this village boasts a strategic position at the foot of the first foothills of the Massif des Bornes [Bornes mountain range]. It is renowned as the birthplace of Saint Bernard de Menthon, the founder of the Hospice du Grand Saint Bernard  and patron saint of mountain climbers. Not to be missed is a visit to Menthon château (13th century). Talloires - a Medieval priory that was converted into a royal abbey in the 17th century, Talloires was forgotten about for a few decades until its beautiful setting attracted privileged people from a society of artists, writers and the idle rich. It was only at the start of this century that the reputation of Talloires spread throughout the world, thanks to its enviable location, high-quality accommodation and gastronomy. Not to be missed is a visit to St Germain church, the priory and the abbey.
Menthon Saint Bernard
The breathtaking beauty of the countryside surrounding these villages has inspired very many painters and writers, such as Paul Cézanne and Albert Samain. Just like them, you will be able to take in this rich area, choosing from a wide range of accommodation options to stay in which will please even the most demanding of visitors. You will easily be able to find the most suitable charming and prestigious holiday rental property for your stay from the properties that we have available.  Then, you will be ready to discover all of the natural, cultural and celebratory treasures of this region where gastronomy plays a major part.  The high-quality and internationally-renowned food and drink will continually reassure you that you have made the right decision to visit this region.  

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