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Gard provençal is the region between Provence, which it borders to the east along the Rhône valley, and the Cévennes, which it borders to the west.  This is a very varied region which is divided into small areas, each with their own particular character.   Nature is almost everywhere in this Gard region. It is crossed by the Rhône, the fastest flowing river in the Mediterranean after the Nile. In the heart of the area, Mediterranean vegetation with heady fragrances grows on the arid hills. The two rivers in Gard Provencal, the Tave and the Cèze, provide a wide variety of leisure options, such as canoeing. Three of the region’s natural sites in particular are worth a detour - the Concluses [gorge carved by the waters of the Aiguillon river] in Lussan, the Cascades du Sautadet waterfalls in La Roque sur Cèze and the Cèze river gorges, between Saint André de Roquepertuis and Tharaux.
Provence Gardoise and picturesque villages The village of Pont Saint Esprit Because the Rhône Valley has always been a crossroads, important remains pepper the landscape. The most obvious traces of civilisation date from Roman times. The most famous relic is the Pont du Gard, which has been classified as a UNESCO world heritage site. There are also many traces of civilisation from Medieval times, such as numerous Medieval villages, chateaux and bridges (the most important of which is the Pont du Saint Esprit, which straddles the river Rhône). Villeneuve les Avignon is a must if you want to discover the Middle Ages in Gard Provencal. It is home to two of the most beautiful Medieval remains - Fort Saint André, a splendid example of defensive architecture, and the Chartreuse du Val de Bénédiction monastery, whose magnificence is testament to the Christian fervour of a bygone age. You can also discover the history of this region and its artistic heritage by visiting some of the many museums dedicated to painting, sculpture, archaeology and even Mediterranean pottery.  All of them boast major collections. 
Thanks to the abundant nature and skills developed over centuries, Gard Provencal is able to produce rich and varied local goods. Wine plays an important role, with a very diverse range of reds, rosés and whites available for tasting in various cellars.  “Cotes du Rhône” wines are the most famous, but you will also enjoy Lirac and Tavel appellation wines, which are just as generous. Goats are reared on the green hills at the heart of the region. A small quantity of goat’s cheeses are produced as a result that you can find on sale at markets or at the producers’ premises. You can also buy honey with delicate or pronounced flavours that the region’s beekeepers harvest and sell.    In the towns and villages, numerous craftsmen give their own personal touch to various metals and materials. Saint Quentin la Poterie, as its name suggests, specialises in pottery and ceramics. Near the Pont du Gard, many masons have set up shop. In other places, people work on leather or even glass, iron or word, etc. 
 Côtes du Rhône vineyard Pont du Gard
Gard Provencal is the ideal destination for anyone wanting to spend typical holidays at the heart of a region boasting exquisite landscapes, monuments and flavours. Here, you will find a selection of authentic holiday homes which will enable you to fully appreciate the way of life in this area.  

Our suggestions  ... What to see/do in Gard Provencal

The Musée d'Art Sacré du Gard [Gard museum of sacred art] in Pont St Esprit, which offers a cultural approach to religious sentiment in the Christian western world.  The medieval city. Discover beautiful Roman chapels, spread throughout the area, by following the discovery trails offered by the tourist offices. Take to the skies to discover the region from the above, starting at Pujaut aerodrome.

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