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Invest in the development of Coins Secrets

Coins Secrets , the agency of successful travel, is launching a campaign in crowdlending which will be remunerated on Lendopolis.

If you are owners, tenants, visitors, you can take part and together we have everything to gain.

coins secrets l'agence des vacances réussiesCoins Secrets makes the link between owners who wish to rent their property and holiday makers who are looking for a place to spend great holidays.

Coins Secrets has an experienced workforce who are committed to developping a secure trade name online, with an expertise on field work and human relations.

Today, Coins Secrets offers a unique opportunity for people to take part in a campaign of participative financing online which is called crowdlending.

Why does Coins Secrets need to utilise a system like crowdlending ?

coins secrets l'agence des vacances réussies Since 2015, the agency has restructured, embellished its service and developped its image. It has also redesigned its website, and implemented solid actions and measures for its contacts, through social networks and a customer survey based on the quality of service, to be filled in at the end of each stay..

In 2016, the second part of the development of Coins Secrets will develop its links with the ownership community, thanks to a new newsletter devoted solely to this purpose. A blog with private spaces, a system of sponsorship and the increase of its team to 10 advisors specialized in field work. Coins Secrets has planned on investing in other regions of France.

How can I participate ?

Whether you are an owner, tenant or a passing visitor on the website, you can decide on financing in part, the participative loan of Coins Secrets on the platform Lendopolis and also receive financial interest.

Lendopolis has already successfully financed 76 projects of small and medium-sized companies. The system is simple : you choose to back the development of Coins Secrets, and each month the interest and the capital will be reimbursed to you during the total period of the loan (once the obligatory fiscal and social charges have been deduced).

Finally, you will have taken part in the adventure of Coins Secrets, beside the team of men and women who are experienced in this field !

You can discover the details of the campaign of Coins Secrets on Lendopolis from Saturday 26th March.

coins secrets l'agence des vacances réussies

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